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Curriculum vitae Arien de Groot

1946                 born in Hilversum, Holland

1967-'68           'Rietveld Academie', Academy of Art, Amsterdam, Holland

1968                 travels by working as a nurse on a KNSM boat to the Dutch Caribbean

1969                 Art school 'Fundacao A.Alvarez Penteado', Sao Paulo, Brasil

1970-'71           secretarial education

1970                 travels in Iceland

1972-'73           secretarial job

1972                 University scolarship for summercourse in Lisbon, Portugal

1973                 stewardess in Transavia

1974-'78           'ABK Minerva', Academy of Art, Groningen, Holland

1977                 travels in Denmark

1978                 starts teaching painting-workshops in Holland and France

1978                 trip to Venice

1979                 travels in France

1980-'81-'85    teaches workshops in France

1982-2004       teaches art at High-school

1982                 travels to Curacao, Dutch Antilles

1983                 travels in France

1984                 travels in Egypt; Spain; Portugal

1986                 travels to Krete; Denmark

1987                 trip to Paris

1987                 travels in France

1988-2009         gives Art-lectures in the north of Holland during winter-season

1988                 travels in France

1989 travels to Curacao for exhibition

1990 trip to Venice

1990-now moves to Peize and starts with husband Gallery and painting courses

1991 teaches in Revers, France

1992 trip to Kassel, Germany

1993 travels in Bretagne, France

1995 trip to Berlin, Germany

1996 trip to Paris, France

1997 travels in Spain and Portugal

1998 trip to Kleve, Germany

1999 travels in Egypt; trip to Antwerp and Gent, Belgium

1999 trip to Lisbon, Portugal

2000 travels in Australia

2001 trip to Granada, Spain; Corse, France

2002 trip to Curacao; Barcelona, Spain

2002 travels in Rumania for exhibition

2002 trip to Paris

2003 trip to Barcelona, Spain; Gent, Belgium; Kos, Greece; Madrid, Spain

2004 travels in Egypt

2004 trip to Oland, Sweden

2004 travels in France

2005 trip to Rome, Italy; Ameland, Holland 2x

2006 travels in France

2006 trip to Montenegro; Paris, France

2007 trip to Bonaire, Dutch Antilles

2007 trip to Montenegro

2008 travels in France

2008 trip to Montenegro

2008 travels in Jordan

2009 trip to France

2010 travels in France

2011 trip to Oostende, Belgium

2011 trip to Slovenia

2012 trip to Slovenia

2012 travels in France

2013 trip to Bilbao, Spain

2013 travels in France

2013 trip to Germany

2014 trip to Germany

2014 travels in France

2015 trip to Belgium and France

2015 trip to Paris, France

2016 trip to Slovenia

2016 travels in France,

2016 trip to Cuba,

2017 trip to Slovenia,

2017 travels in France

2018 trip to Gdansk, Poland

2018 trip to Slovenia,

2018 Travels in France

2019 Trip to Germany

2022 Travels in France

2022 Stops paintings courses in Peize (since 1990) starts occasional workshops

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